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How to make brass prep not suck – part 1

The process of loading rifle cartridges is conceptually a simple process: Clean the case Lube the case and case mouth Size & deprime Trim for length Chamfer the case mouth Clean the primer pocket and swage if necessary Clean the … Continue reading

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This blog is not dead

I had pretty much decided that my corner of the intertubes would go dark. I just didn’t have it in me to continue to provide any meaningful content, nor did I want to just be a repeat of everything else … Continue reading

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Holster review – Tucker Gun Leather Texas Heritage

It’s been over a month since I bought my Commander, and in my last post, I asked for suggestions on a good IWB holster. Both commenters suggested the Milt Sparks VersaMax II. After reading in a bunch of other forums, … Continue reading

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Independence Day

For the record, we celebrate today as Independence Day, not the 4th of July. Just wanted to clear that up for some of you. Happy Birthday America! May God save these American states!

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Testing from phone

This is a test of the emergency phone blogging system. This is only a test.

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It will be mine…..Oh yes, It. Will. Be. Mine.

Growing up my shooting experience was limited to shotguns, .22 rilfes and pellet guns. Sometime in 2005 my friend Matt invited me to the range and stuffed his Colt Commander in my hand and said “Here, shoot this.” I’m guessing … Continue reading

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