This blog is not dead

I had pretty much decided that my corner of the intertubes would go dark. I just didn’t have it in me to continue to provide any meaningful content, nor did I want to just be a repeat of everything else out on the internet. But I’ve since talked myself out of that, and will try to make an effort to publish something from time to time.

I promise that I’ll write that review on the Milt Sparks Holster, as well as a review on a tool that I discovered for trimming brass that has almost made it enjoyable. So, you’ll have those things to look forward to.

In other news, the NRA’s Annual Meeting is in my town this week. I met up with a buddy of mine (otherwise known as my enabler) and we wandered through several aisles and drooled over guns neither of us will ever own. I did end up with a Timney trigger for my Remington 700, only because he had the other $30 I needed since they only took cash (see what I mean?? ENABLER). I’m looking forward to dropping that in and giving it a whirl on the range one afternoon.

I’ve never been to an NRA convention before, but so far I’m impressed. You’re never going to meet a nicer group of people.

Speaking of people….. While taking a picture of my son holding a Thompson, a gentleman walked up and asked if he could take his picture as well. Who wouldn’t want a picture of a 9 year old boy with a Thompson, right????


I looked at the badge, saw the name “Matt G, Better & Better“. Hmm… ok. Wheels start spinning, a blogger…which one?? Which one damn it?? The creep-o-meter didn’t trigger, so I agreed to it. Then up walks a red-haired gentleman…. Don Gwinn. Holy shit, I recognize that name, these internet people are REAL. I read him when he blogged at The Armed School Teacher, which has since become Push The Pull Door. Next up, the infamous Kelly Grayson, aka “The Ambulance Driver“. Now that dude is most certainly famous on the internets.

So there was my brush with almost famous people at the NRA Convention. Guys, if you happen to read this, it was a pleasure getting to meet you. Hope St. Louis treats you well, and welcome to our city!!

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4 Responses to This blog is not dead

  1. Matthew says:

    First. If the Con didn’t convince you to fire up the qwerty board nothing would. Second…I knew that cash would come in handy.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you and Leadchucker, Jr.

    And you’re right, everyone could use a picture of a nine-year-old holding a Thompson. 😉

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  4. brigid223 says:

    I for one, am glad you are still sticking around. Your boy looks pretty darned please with that firearm, as well he should.

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