It will be mine…..Oh yes, It. Will. Be. Mine.

Growing up my shooting experience was limited to shotguns, .22 rilfes and pellet guns. Sometime in 2005 my friend Matt invited me to the range and stuffed his Colt Commander in my hand and said “Here, shoot this.” I’m guessing this was the gun equivalent of China white, because I was hooked.

At this point I am essentially a “new” gun person, even though I owned a shotgun (and no, I didn’t vote on the democratic ticket). I knew that I wanted a .45 for my first handgun, so I looked at handguns from all the well known high volume manufacturers, like Ruger, Sig, and Glock. I was easily distracted by the glitz and glitter of the gun mags, so much so that for my first handgun, I eventually succumbed to the XD marketing campaign. 13 rounds had to be better than 7 or 8, AND it was 1911-like (the grip safety), AND it was the NRA 2006 Gun of the Year. Well hell, what was I supposed to do?? I bought it.

Now, don’t mistake, this is a decent gun. It fits my hands nicely, and shoots well too. I never understood why Springfield touted the match-grade barrel in the the XDm, because my XD would easily punch ragged holes out to 15 yards if I was doing my job. I do like this gun.

But I never was completely “wowed” by it.

I still wanted a “metal” gun.

For the record…I have owned several “all metal” guns. I have a Smith & Wesson snub nose revolver, and a Browning Buckmark. But I think I still get harassed about it because I was also distracted by an H&K USP Compact, and there’s that Glock 19 that I bought for a song that Matt is still bitter about.

I decided a couple years ago that I would fix this problem. It was time for a 1911. I knew I wanted a Colt, but the new prices are just stupid, and finding a used one…forget about. When Ruger announced their new 1911, I was intrigued (don’t forget how I ended up with the XD). I figured if the gun was “good enough” I was going to jump on it. I always said that my next gun purchase was going to be the confluence of being at the right place at the right time with the right gun for the right amount of money, provided I didn’t get distracted.

Well, I kept my eye on the prize, and found “The One” on Saturday, during a chance visit to a gun store that I rarely frequent.


Clean, no evidence of being shot a lot, and a couple minor scratches, for about the same price as the new Ruger 1911.

I put about 150 rounds through it yesterday, and it was every bit as accurate and reliable as my XD, chewing up everything I fed it, factory ball ammo, hollow points, even my reloads.


Yin & yang. The top Commander is the first handgun I ever shot. The bottom is mine.

Right place, at the right time, with the right gun, for the right amount of money.

Now I have to find a good IWB holster. Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to It will be mine…..Oh yes, It. Will. Be. Mine.

  1. Richard Ripley says:

    Milt Sparks Versa-Max 2

    Yeah, long lead time, not inexpensive, but none better.

    Very comfortable and stable

  2. Bennett Prescott says:

    Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. You might be able to find one on eBay, if not they have a few dealers and a 1911 VM2 is the most common. Otherwise you are in for a long wait, but any other holster is just a waste of your time.

  3. Matthew says:

    Now if you sold that Glock 19 to me like was supposed to happen you could have a nice assortment of holsters, and spare mags. Great post!

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