WBC again….

It seems that Westboro Baptist Church is headed to Joplin, Missouri on Sunday to protest the President’s visit.

I never thought I’d see the day when I can’t say who I hate more, Osama Bin Laden, or the Westboro Baptist Church.

You could ALMOST respect OBL’s minions for fighting for something they think they believe in (even if it is hating and killing us). The WBCer’s are spreading hate and venom on people during a time when they need help and support (you know, those things that Christians are supposed to do) while hiding behind rights secured by the blood of their own countrymen.

And while we’re on the topic of the President’s visit. Is it really necessary? I’m sure the folks in Joplin have more important problems to tend to rather than making sure the President’s photo-op goes off without a hitch.

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2 Responses to WBC again….

  1. Tommy Carroll says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more – the WBC uses the eternal sacrifice of the people defending their 1st amendment rights, as a pulpit to spread hate and thoroughly destroy the family’s final moments with their loved ones. On the flip side – while I’m no BHO supporter, He’d certainly receive the same kind of press treatment that G2 got for ‘ignoring’ the victims of Katrina – something for which his aides would most certainly be fired.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Yeah, you are certainly right about the press treatment for “ignoring” the victims. I would like to see a President say “Hey, I know you guys are going through a rough time and it’s bad. Right now the priority is search and rescue and recovery. My coming to the area would do nothing but take away resources which could be better served by helping you find shelter, feed your families, clean up and rebuild. In the mean time, instead of sending 2 billion to Egypt, we’re redirecting it to you to help out. I’ll be down at a later point when we can mourn those who were lost, and celebrate the miracles that happened along the way”

    Anyway you cut it, it’s a tough situation for all involved, those directly impacted, those helping out, and those trying to manage the resources, even the President. Where the heck do you even start????

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