Blazing 1911’s

Yesterday, my local gun club held a match to honor the 100 years of the 1911. What’s not to like about 1911’s of all shapes and sizes blazing away at paper and steel all day? The rules were very simple, and all that was required was that you get two shots on the target, and drop the steel. Running and gunning at it’s simplest! Well, it wasn’t quite THAT easy, there were still plenty of barricades, and “hard” cover to deal with.

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As you can see from some of the pictures, there were hanging chairs, moving platforms, and fake helicopters to shoot from. I have to hand it to the match directors, they really know how to run a match. It’s always very well organized, they show lots of creativity when setting up the stages. There always seem to be a good mix of stages ranging between fast and furious, to slow the hell down and make the shot.

Lot’s of prizes were given out, 6 1911’s we given away, including one that was raffled to raise funds for the club’s kid program. I didn’t win one, so I guess I’m back to saving my pennies and nickels for that Colt I’ve been lusting after.

I’m not getting to shoot as much these days as I’d like, too many other competing priorities. My final score is evidence of that. But it’s still a good time for me and the boy to hang out. One of these days I’m going to get a pistol in his hand and let him have a go at this stuff….

Also, a big thanks to the guy who lent me a 1911 to shoot at this match. It’s a sweet shooting old gun, and since I haven’t come up with any good blackmail photo’s of you, I’ll be returning it to you shortly.

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1 Response to Blazing 1911’s

  1. I ain't sayin' says:

    ahh your welcome. I think you have some serious bragging rights shooting that match with a vintage ’43 gun against them modern $1000 runners.

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