Pulling bullets

Back in August 2009 (holy crap, has it really been that long?!!?!), I wrote about loading 45 ACP rounds with CCI Large Rifle primers. I am now finally getting around to busting these things apart.

I chose to go with the Hornady Cam Lock Bullet puller, mainly because that’s what the local Bass Pro store had in stock. You have to buy a collet for the caliber of bullet you want to use.


The setup is not terribly difficult. Remove the cam-lock assembly from the die body, insert the collet, and then screw the cam lock assembly back into the die just enough to hold the entire assembly together.

Screw in the die body until the bottom is flush with the press.


Next raise the bullet into the die until the case mouth meets the bottom of the die. With the cam lock lever lowered, screw in the cam lock assembly until you feel it touch the bullet. Open the cam lock (lever straight up and down), and screw in the die about 1/4 turn. Tighten the assembly in place.


Lower the cam lock lever, you should feel some tension as you do this.


Lower the ram, separating the bullet from the case.


You will probably have to adjust how deep you seat the cam-lock assembly, and how tightly you close it. Too much pressure, and you will mark up the bullet; too little, and you won’t pull it out.


In my opinion, definitely better than in impact puller.

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One Response to Pulling bullets

  1. Matthew says:

    Great article of instruction!

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