Alright, I’ve been called out twice in the past two days for neglecting my corner of the intertubes. I’m truly sorry. I’m been busy with the new job, and working hard to get my exercise in every night, and honestly, i’ve just not had much to say. Sure, there is plenty that could be commented on, but I’m not sure I have much to add to various discussions that hasn’t already been said by others.

But since my fans are begging for my return (all two of you), here goes….

The other day at work our training coordinator scheduled a session on how to deal with a violent work situation. Anyone who knows me, knows that my response is simply “bang”. No, actually, “bang-bang-bang-scan-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-drop mag-scan and reload” is more accurate. That’s 15 rounds from a Glock 19 for those of you keeping score at home.

Unfortunately, they were covering violent situations at WORK, not how to handle those situations in a free environment. Since I work in a non-permissive environment, complete with the gun free zone billboards posted at every entrance, I was very interested in hearing the company line…..

Are you ready? I wasn’t.


First we covered what to do when you hear gun shots. That’s obvious. Get the hell out, find cover and then call the police. Tell them everything you can. They even told us the best place to hit our windows in case we had to use that as an exit. Help the folks that can’t move as quickly or are handicapped, but avoid the shooter if at all possible and get out. Ok, Good. I can agree with this.


Second, If you can’t get out, take cover. Hide yourself. Get someplace where you can lock the door, turn out the light, barricade it if at all possible, and get behind hard cover. Also if you are in a room with more than one person, spread out, don’t huddle together because it’s easier to shoot a group of people than it is one person at a time. I have to admit that I was just flat dumbfounded at this point. Someone is actually thinking here.


Third, You’ve tried to get out. You’ve attempted to find cover. Both have failed. You are face to face with the shooter. What do you do?

Prepare your mindset NOW to do WHATEVER it takes, for however long is required to protect your life. If you don’t plan now, if you don’t practice, you will have a much harder time overcoming your fear and moving towards action.

Seriously. Was I dreaming? I fully expected to be told to sit still, don’t make any sudden movements, and fully cooperate with the shooter.

Once the video was done, we went on to discuss various improvements to the overall building security to hopefully prevent such an act. They were also quick to acknowledge that no solution is 100%, and that they wanted to make sure we had the information we needed to prepare accordingly. Which is good, because there is nothing in place to stop the person with badge access to the building. I’d much rather have super sonic lead pills at my disposal, but it’s still a good exercise to go through because there are just going to be situations where you cannot be armed 24×7. Fact of life.

I truly believe that some people are starting to take to heart the hard lessons of Columbine, Virginia Tech, and United Flight 97, and even a couple situations locally. We’ve seen far too many times where compliance in these scenarios will take you, and that non-compliance can save lives. It’s sad we had to lose those lives in order for people to start thinking with some sense.

So think about it. Think about where you work. What would you do? Where would you go? Where are the exits? How are you gonna bust that window? Where is the cover? Which jackass co-worker are you gonna grab as a human shield (don’t judge me, you all have a name in your head too)

And what are you gonna do if you are confronted with the shooter. What tools do you have at your disposal? A trash can, a fire extinguisher, a computer, monitor. Scissors perhaps? How about that pot of coffee? We know that rapidly deployed coffee can buy you a few precious seconds.

Just remember, preparing ahead of time does not guarantee your survival. But if getting shot in the back feels the same as getting shot in the front, wouldn’t you rather take the chance?

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4 Responses to Mindset

  1. LM says:

    Personally, I would carry regardless of company policy. No job is worth my life.

    Mindset is key, armed or not. Note the lives saved and U of Bama by a courageous professor who pushed the shooter out of the room and barricaded the door while she was reloading.

    These sorts of attacks never end until one of the intended victims takes the initiative from the attacker i.e. goes on the offensive. Or the shooter runs out of victims and takes his or her life.

  2. HankH says:

    Excellent post. I do agree with LM when he said “I would carry regardless of company policy”. I use a SmartCarry for my Glock 21 which causes the pistol to disappear. Nobody will ever “make you” with that rig on. Just my two cents.


  3. LeadChucker says:

    You’ll never hear me say “you should” or “you shouldn’t” in regards to your own individual company policies. What you’ll never hear is what I do regarding the policies of my own workpalce, mainly because I don’t know who might run across this blog. Best to keep ’em guessing!

  4. Brigid says:

    I appreciated the ease in which the paperwork process worked in my current state of resident. No training, just the thorough background check (though when I wrote in my job, it went really fast as I already have a clearance).

    But my last state required training. Some may like that, others won’t, but one part of it was really good. One of the instructors, an attorney who handled defense of lawful people with firearm legal issues, covered the laws for our state thoroughly, where you could legally carry, where you could not, no matter what the store’s sign may say. Invaluable info, as it DOES vary state to state.

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