What a decade….

Wow, 10 years. I remember when I was younger wondering what it would be like when we hit the year 2000, and here we are getting ready to roll into 2010.

In the last 10 years,

  • I’ve had 2 kids (actually my wife had them, I just… never mind….),
  • bought a house,
  • changed jobs 6 times,
  • lost 2 grandparents,
  • lost a brother,
  • parted company with some friends,
  • gained new friends, some of which are like brothers to me,
  • gained a bunch new in-laws and a ton of nieces and nephews,
  • watched as we were attacked on our soil and wept at the sight of American’s jumping to their death,
  • wondered more than once what the hell was wrong with us as a country,
  • looked at other countries and knew what was right about us,
  • watched with pride as my children grow up, how proud of them I am even on those days they push my patience to its limits,
  • brought 2 dogs into my house, and managed to keep one of them,
  • realized I was well on my way to financial ruin if I didn’t make some changes,
  • paid off all my debt with the exception of one car and my house without the help of a bailout from anyone,
  • remodeled a bathroom,
  • taken some fun vacations,
  • finally found some hobbies that I really enjoy,
  • and managed to not run off my wife in the process of it all (she’s obviously a keeper and must think I am as well).

Some of these events I’ve handled better than others, but I’ve learned something from each of them, but not have they always been fun lessons. Through it all, I feel that God has blessed me very generously. I may not have all that I wanted, but definitely have had all that I needed, and I cannot ask for any more than that.

Anyway, I wish all of you a happy 2010, thanks for stopping by.

Happy New Years!

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3 Responses to What a decade….

  1. Zack says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. Matthew says:

    seems like a decade has passed since you posted something.

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