A day well spent

I met up with my hunting partner yesterday morning at a nearby commuter lot to head out for a day of deer hunting. I’d be starting my new position on Monday, and today also coincided with anniversary of my brother’s death. It seemed as good a day as any to sit in the woods, clearing my mind and spending a little time reflecting on life in general.

A few hours in the car and we were rewarded with a beautiful little stream that ran through the Robert M White Conservation Area.


I’d like to say that I had some momentous revelation while out in the woods. But I didn’t. I still miss my brother, but the sharpness of that day is long gone. It’s been replaced with a longing to see him that will not be filled in this lifetime. I can accept that now.

Through all of this, I’ve gained an appreciation for my true friends. They know who they are, some of them read this blog, some don’t know it exists. These are folks that have stuck by my family as we’ve learned to adjust with this tragedy. They’ve given us the space we’ve needed and the support necessary to heal from it when others didn’t.


We spent the morning hunting the northern end of this area. After sitting down by the creek for a few hours, we had hoped to come back through this field and possibly drive out any deer that may have bedded down under the cover of this tall grass but out in the open sun. It wasn’t a warm day by any stretch. Mid 20’s with a nice wind, I appreciated the long hike we had back to parking lot for lunch. It kept our blood moving and we stayed fairly toasty under all the layers. We were mostly rewarded with a bunch of cockleburs stuck to our clothing, but did see one deer who was too far out to reach out and touch.


So no opportunity to put some meat in the freezer…..yet. Rifle season is over, but thankfully archery season doesn’t end until mid January. But it doesn’t matter. There will come a day when I can put a deer in the sights of my rifle, and be an active participate in the food chain. In the mean time, it’s great way to spend time with friends, and time quietly by myself, out in the handiwork of our Creator. All of which make for a day well spent.

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