Gear check

So deer season is upon us, and I’m getting my gear ready. Silly season started at the range a few weeks ago with everyone dragging out their deer rifles. I had finished my load selection a few months ago and wanted to load up a few more rounds, check my zero and call it good. I meant to do it a month ago, but got lazy about it.

I had decided on using Sierra 180gr GameKings in my .30-06. I bought my box earlier in the year, and I haven’t been able to find them since. Cabela’s has been out of them, as well as my local reloading shop. I loaded up the 19 I had left, plus 5 Sierra 180gr ProHunter’s. I mistakenly bought the box of ProHunter’s a while back, so thought I’d just try them on top of the same load I was using for the GameKing’s just for grins

The GameKing’s have always shot well enough for me, but I would always throw one or two shots out of the 5 shot group, but generally would stay within a 2″ group. Good enough I suppose, but we all know that the jagged hole is like a hit of crack. So after I get everything zero’d for my chosen load, I pull out the 5 Game Kings.


All 5 in a one inch circle at 100 yards. Thank you Mr. Crack dealer.

In case you’re wondering:
45.7 grains Varget
CCI Large Rifle Primers
Remington Cases
180 gr. Sierra GameKing ( or ProHunters in this case)
OAL: 3.340″

Use at your own risk……. If you blow up your gun….it’s your own fault.

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One Response to Gear check

  1. Rick in NY says:

    I’ve got a Swiss K31 that I feed a steady diet of 150 grain Gamekings over 42.0 grains of Varget. The result is 0.5 to 0.75 inch groups at 100 yards.

    More than accurate enough for deer, and your ’06 load hits the same catagory. Good for you, and now if you miss we know it wasn’t the guns’ fault!

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