Gentle Reminder

Deer season is upon us. Just a quick reminder to unload your rifle before climbing your tree stand. A hunter in New Hampshire found himself with one more hole than he started his day with because he neglected to follow this rule. A similar thing happened to my wife’s uncle a few years back when he dropped his rifle as he was climbing down from his stand. Darn near blew his hand off mid-way between his elbow and wrist. He survived, but will probably never regain full use of his hand.

Remember, this is a preventable accident.

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One Response to Gentle Reminder

  1. ASM826 says:

    Tree stands are far and away the most dangerous part of deer hunting. Falls are the most common injuries, and there are fatalities in our state every year. A quick Google search will return all sorts of info. Here’s one:

    Safety harnesses, both while ascending/descending and an unloaded gun until ready to hunt can eliminate this risk.

    Because laying under your stand with a broken back waiting for someone to miss you and then come find you could make for a very long couple of days.

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