I got nothing…..

Seems I don’t have any good gun or reloading stuff to share lately. I’m going to try to get a review out of the XD 45, and maybe a few other things. Sometimes life just gets in the way…family comes in town, we go out of town, little girls turn 9. It makes for a good life, but not many gun-related blog posts, and that’s ok. Yesterday was going to be a shooting day, but our month has been very busy, and we needed some family time away from home. Soooo, we spent it exploring some state parks down in southern Missouri.

There is an area about an hour and a half south of St. Louis which has a bunch of state parks, and that’s where we spent the day. The beginning of the day was nice, overcast, but the temperatures were cool. Fall is here. Yeah, me may spike a day in the high 80’s, but there is no denying it. You can’t argue with the leaves…..


Elephant Rocks State Park is a must see. My kids had fun climbing all over these giant granite boulders, and I did too for that matter. The views from the top are spectacular!

As you can see, I’m doing my best to raise good, strong kids…. This photo proves it. Can your kids do this????? What strength!!

My son is a pretty happy kid. But I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve even seen my son smile like this. This is truly a kids playground…..

The rain unfortunately caught up with us as we navigated our way up Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in Missouri, so no pictures from there. And it really caught us at Johnson’s Shut-in’s. Some of my Missouri readers may remember in 2005 when the upper Taum Sauk Reservoir burst. Over a billion gallons of water rushed down the mountain, and ran through this state park. They’ve spent the last few years rebuilding and cleaning away debris, and it’s a beautiful place. We’ll be going back sometime, perhaps this fall even, to see it when it’s not raining and to let the kids play in the creek.


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2 Responses to I got nothing…..

  1. HankH says:

    That looks like a beautiful park; I think I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Yeah, I can’t recommend it enough. There is also camping and hiking in a near by national forest… Oh, I forgot to mention Fort Davidson, the site of a civil war battle, if you’re into that sort of thing…..

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