Project 2996: Remembering Harry Goody


Harry Goody, also called Chucky by his friends and family, worked for the New York State Department of Tax and Finance. According to information I’ve found, that would have put him in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center, somewhere on the 86th or 87th floor. Harry’s life was taken on September 11, 2001. He was 50.

Mr. Goody left behind a wife, Brenda, a daughter and 2 sons, as well as nieces, nephews, his sister Nadine and a good friend Leonard. Many others I’m sure. He was loved by his friends and family.

He often rode his bicycle from Coney Island out to Prospect Park, a Saturday ritual. He also loved science fiction, an addiction his children called it, spending hours watching the Sci-fi channel, and collecting various sci-fi related gadgets. It also seems he had a knack for playing practical jokes, one friend quipped in an entry left on “Don’t tell God anything bad about me and I won’t tell him about your practical jokes.” Don’t worry Harry, God is the author of laughter.

It seems that Harry helped take care of his little sister and mother. I don’t know the circumstances around that situation, but it tells me that Harry was a good and caring man. He did what was right and needed to be done. We need more men like him in this world.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Harry Goody. The anniversary of a loss is never an easy day to endure. I pray that God will grant you comfort today, and sweet dreams of Harry that will flood you with memories of better days gone by.


If any of Harry’s family or friends stumble across this post, it would be an honor to have you leave a story or a memory of him in the comments. Nothing tells the story of a man better than the memories of those who loved him and knew him best. My thoughts and prayers are with your family today.

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7 Responses to Project 2996: Remembering Harry Goody

  1. Alicia says:

    Thank you for remembering … I honor Christopher Paul Slattery.

  2. HankH says:

    Excellent post. I watched it happen live on tv
    8 years ago, and it is something that is burned into my mind – I truly wish I could forget it.


  3. L Chasten says:

    I am the friend referrenced in your post, and indeed the world needs more Harry Goody’s. There are too many stories to tell, but I will say that he is still an influence in my life as well as others.

  4. Alan Kuck says:

    My name is Alan Kuck, I worked with Harry in the tax dept. Harry was a funny & caring man. After a rough time in my life, I remember how Harry was truly happy for me when things got better. We still miss you Harry.


  5. marvin haynes says:

    Until I heard of the death of my friend Harry “Chucky” Goody from my brother in the summer of 2002, the tragedy of the WTC bombing did not hit me very hard. I felt the pain of the people who lost a loved one in the bombing, and I thought, “Of all those people, what if someone I knew was in those buildings and I didn’t even know…maybe someone I knew growing up and hadn’t seen for years, or couldn’t remember their name?” When i heard about Harry, I was devastated. The reality of 9/11 really hit home with me. I couldn’t believe it until I saw the Times article.Harry was a good friend of mine. We used to play golf (one club, one ball, and one hole dug into the ground) together as kids in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Harry was always upbeat, and, even though he was older than I was, he didn’t mind playing with me or the other younger guys on the block.Although I hadn’t seen Harry in quite a few years, I was proud of his accomplishments and happy to hear that he was doing well. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and my prayers go out for his children. We will miss you, “Chucky.”
    Marvin Haynes


    He would not agree to be memorialized, but he would fully support the memory of others. I thank you for keeping the candle burning.

  7. elvira goody says:

    The incomparable Harry Goody was one of the most wonderful, caring, compassionate person I’ve ever met!! He was always there when needed – his loyalty is a rare thing these days with soo much chaos and confusion in this world, you could always count on Chucky to be consistent with his love. He is truly missed and continued loved. There is not a single day that goes by that I feel soo blessed to have had a brother-in-law like him. I continue to watch old episodes of Star Trek in honor of the wonderful and debatable conversations we use to have – oh I miss those!! Be bless Chucky we love you, we miss you and thank you for all that you did while being on this earth for such a short time but left us a life time full of memories, love and understanding!!

    Elvira Goody

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