It’s been a long long week. One in which I feel like I’ve spent more time inside that out, which is usually the case, but I don’t normally perceive that as being the case. Well today I spent most of the day chasing a phantom problem because I made the assumption that someone else already checked the “easy” things. Once that was resolved, I then spent the rest of the day spinning my wheels on other issues. Needless to say, the walls closed in. Rapidly.

So the only cure I know of is to get myself outside. Strap on a gun, grap the camera and some water and go. I managed to wear out the youngsters on our 3 mile hike, but what a hike it was. Almost 14000 acres of public conservation land within 15 minutes of my house I’m the only car in the lot. It almost feels like it is my own, and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this area. I feel like I’ve really missed out on something after living here for 13 years and I’m just now starting to deeply explore the area.

You almost expected to hear a lion roar as we wandered through the grass field….

But instead we waited in a field and were not disappointed by our wait. She turned and came toward us as she emerged from the field. The little ones followed behind, first one, then the other. She then stopped and pawed at the ground a few times, as if warning us to not mess with her, all while slowly moving our direction. We’d never seen any thing like it. Then in a flash of white, they bounded off.

Sometimes, I just forget I’m in Missouri….

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