New opportunities

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a class to become certified to teach the NRA Basic Pistol class. When my friend mentioned the class, I signed up, mostly because it sounded like fun. My son just signed up for Cub Scouts, and I thought that perhaps it might be something that his troop could take advantage of. I really didn’t know what was involved before I signed up, I just did. Talk about leaping without looking.

As I’ve thought about it over the past month or so, this might open up some opportunities to do share a passion with a bunch of people, and hopefully be able to prevent an accident such as this. The more people, (especially younger people) we can expose to shooting firearms in a safe and fun manner, the easier it be to preserve this fundamental right. It’s much easier to win the war when we have their hearts and minds on our side. Granted, you don’t need to be a certified instructor to introduce someone to shooting, but if you hope to have that opportunity with larger groups of people, especially kids, it’s not going to be a disadvantage. It also puts me a step closer to meeting the requirements for being able to teach the Missouri Concealed Carry class.

So watch this space. I don’t know if this will turn into a side business or not. There is a fare amount of details to work out. If all I ever do is teach kids how fun and safe shooting can be, then it will have been worthwhile. But hopefully in the next couple months, after the NRA certifies us as instructors, I’ll be able to talk more where we’re headed with this…..

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2 Responses to New opportunities

  1. HankH says:

    It’s a good thing no matter what you wind up doing with it.

  2. Zack says:

    Good man! There is a need for more safety instructors.

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