Jr. and I…..

went fishing this morning.


We had a good time hanging out, dad and son.

Words cannot describe the beauty of the morning.


We did not catch anything.

We haven’t caught anything in a long long time.


I think we have angered the fishing gods. Does anyone know how to appease them?

This 6 year old boy needs to have a fish on the end of his line……

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7 Responses to Jr. and I…..

  1. Matthew says:

    As I understand it, the Boy must travel alone, armed with little more than courage and plastic sword to the perilous lair of oldersister and retrieve a doll with blond hair and then sacrifice it on dad’s new BBQ grill.

    These things are never easy and every mission comes with sacrifice.

  2. Joe says:

    Don’t know if you have tried it, but the kids lake at Busch has heralded successful trips for my boy. Although you can’t fish with him (15 yrs. and under only), a worm on a hook seems to do the trick there.

  3. Glenn B says:

    Worms – nice fat, wriggly, slimy worms almost always seem to appease both the fishing gods and the fish.

  4. LeadChucker says:

    Yeah, I made the mistake of taking us to a catch/release lake where live bait wasn’t allowed. Back to the basics… bobber, lead weights and worms on a hook…..

  5. HankH says:

    I don’t know if it works for the fishing gods, but the golfing gods are sometimes appeased at water hazards by the sacrifice of a virgin Top-Flite…..

  6. LeadChucker says:

    I gave up appeasing the golfing god’s a long time ago. Shooting is my golfing, lot more relaxing too!

  7. I gave up appeasing the golfing god's a long time ago. Shooting is my golfing, lot more relaxing too!…

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