Use your best…..

Homer Simpson voice, and everyone say it with me: “MMMMM BARRRR-BEEEEE-QUUUUUUUE”

“Low and slow” as they say……


Another hour or so…. and they should be ready.

My wife bought me a little Kingsford charcoal grill two Father’s Day ago, and I haven’t looked back. Cooking with charcoal is a lot more fun. I know it takes longer, but…..

Last week I took apart my rusted out gas grill which hasn’t been used in a very long time, and replaced it with a charcoal only model from Char-griller.


I added the firebox on Friday night. Don’t let the instructions fool you. It’s not so easy to take out the knock-out sections on the grill and firebox for installation. The instructions say: “This entire step may require heavy hammering and/or drilling”. They weren’t kidding. It also helps to have a 6 year old boy around to hand you parts and wrenches….

This is a whole new method of cooking to me. It’s going to take some experimentation to get it down, but what the heck….you get to eat the mistakes….

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