Shootin buddies

Finally got my kiddos back out to the range last night, and we had a great time. Great weather, bugs were few, and the range wasn’t busy. It’s been several months since they’ve both shot their rifle. Seems like they have not only managed to retain what they’ve learned, they’ve also managed to step it up a bit. I think a good deal of their improvement has more to do with them growing and being able to obtain a proper mount on the gun than anything else. I think they were even surprised at how well they were able to do.

On the way out to the range we spent some time talking about the 4 rules again, but really tried to move beyond just reciting the rules, but applying them as well. It’s fun listening to their thought processes as they explain why a rule is important or how a scenario might violate on of the rules.

A gentleman at the range asked me how old my son is, and I responded that he’s 6. He seemed to be taken aback when he asked how long Jr. had been shooting and I told him about a year, maybe a year and a half. It’s really not a big deal. Just start by talking about and more importantly demonstrating the rules. The kids will more likely mimic what you do rather than listen to you explain, so make sure you set a good example and be very hands on. It does require super close instruction, to the point of physically moving them into position and you physically placing their hands and fingers where they belong and physically removing them from places where they don’t. But above all, make it fun. The kids aren’t going to shoot good groups for a long time, so don’t chastise them when they don’t. Odds are you can’t either. Just concentrate on getting on paper. Once they master hitting the paper, they will naturally want to hit the bullseye on their own. Anyway, enough on teaching kids for now.

If you’re interested, their targets are after the break……

Leadchucker Jr’s 7 yard target

Then at 15 yards

Leadchuckerette’s 7 yard target

and then her 15 yard target

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3 Responses to Shootin buddies

  1. Matthew says:

    For an evening like that there is no money in the world that can replace it. Two great kids.

  2. Hank Hanenburg says:

    Taking your kids to the range is good on so many levels; I’ll bet someday they’ll remember those excursions with great fondness.


  3. Rick in NY says:

    There is nothing better than taking little ones, your own or borrowed ones, and introducing them to the joys of safe firearms usage. I know, so far I’ve taught seven kids, three of my own and four belonging to friends of mine.

    Good shooting!

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