Tonight’s reloading quiz & advice

Quiz: Can anyone tell me which of these 45 ACP cases has the large rifle primer?



Advice: In addition to double/triple checking the label on the box, you might also consider storing your large rifle primers in a separate location from your large pistol primers.

There is a difference in the depth of the two primers, but as you can see, they both will seat into a 45 ACP case.

Anyone have any recommendations on any of these three press mounted pullers: Hornady Cam-lock, RCBS Collet Bullet Puller or the Forster Collet Style Bullet Puller.

I really don’t feel like busting down all these with an impact puller.

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5 Responses to Tonight’s reloading quiz & advice

  1. Matthew says:

    The one on the left is the rifle primer I think.

  2. Carteach0 says:

    Try shooting them, but cut the load by 10-15%. If the pistols firing pin spring is up to it, it will probably work fine… maybe (g).

    I use the RCBS collet type puller. Works a treat for me, but don’t try and cheat with the collets. It really needs the correct one or it will mark the bullets and give you fits.

  3. LeadChucker says:

    Matt, good call. The one on the left is the rifle primer. I set up these two dummy cartridges to see if I could tell any physical difference between the two.

    Carteach0, that actually did cross my mind, as I’ve heard of people using small rifle in place of small pistol primers. Since these rounds are already loaded (I didn’t realize my problem until after I had loaded them) and I tend to make my 45 rounds a bit hotter, I think I’ll pass on putting them in MY gun….

    I did notice that the primer compounds used are different colors. So, I should be able to break one down, and very very gently remove the primer. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to tell the color through the flash hole and only have a hundred rounds to pull apart instead of 200…..

  4. Rick in NY says:

    Nickle case has the LR primer – it sticks out beyond the end of the case instead of being recessed the 2-5 thousandths recommended.

    Two issues here, one being a slam-fire before the round is fully seated in the chamber, the other being the fact that a rifle primer is hotter than a pistol primer and may give higher chamber pressure.

    Break ’em down and start over. BTW, when removing the primers, a normal decapping die will work just fine, but go slow and easy, no fast or jerky movements. You can crush a primer flat in a vise and nothing will happen, but drop one from chest-high onto concrete and it may go bang! As for the removed LR primers, I’d scrap them, but that’s up to you.

    Also, to keep myself from having this problem again (yup, been there, done that) I now buy only CCI primers for rifle (they’re nickel plated) and Winchester for pistol (brass). Just one way that works for me to keep mine separated.

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