No longer a Varget hater

Here are the results from my Sinterfire loads the other day. If you recall, I loaded a batch with Accurate 2460 and a batch with Hodgdon Varget.

The Varget rounds surpassed the accuracy of rounds loaded with the Accurate powder. While they weren’t bad, they don’t hold a candle to these (after discount the fliers). I’ve placed a red 1″ circle in each of the photos for reference purposes.

Since I shoot Varget in my .30-06 loads, this will certainly reduce the types of powders I keep in my cabinet. It’s a keeper in my book.






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One Response to No longer a Varget hater

  1. Rick in NY says:

    Greetings, Leadchucker, welcome to the legions of Varget shooters! It is a wonderful powder, as long as you’re not using a powder measure, it must be weighed.

    That aside, it is a very consistant powder. I use it in 7.5×55 Swiss for my K31 and for my 22-250 Savage Predator Hunter. My Swiss shoots 1/2 moa groups and the Savage gets just over 1/4 moa (0.295″ average) groups using Varget. Very consistant, very clean, and not over expensive. I like it.

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