Back to the loading bench…..

I had written a while back about working up some .223 Remington loads using the 42 gr Sinterfire bullet.

The first batch I worked up used Accurate 2460. I really wasn’t happy with how that batch shot. My shooting bench setup wasn’t good, and it also revealed just how bad my trigger was on my AR. Shots were all over the place. Those problems have been rectified, and I’m ready to try another batch.

Just like last time, I loaded a batch with Accurate 2460 starting at 23.9 grains running up to 26.3 grains. The Sinterfire instructions suggest using load data for a 55 gr jacketed bullet.

A while back I also mentioned that I would probably never use Hodgdon Varget again. I wasn’t thrilled with how consistently the powder drops sometimes +/- a few tenths of a grain. It generally has to do with how the powder is shaped, and how it fills the cavity. I think the picture below illustrates the problem. The orientation of each granule of powder can affect how it fills a cavity. Each of these pieces of brass are from the same manufacturer, although I suppose there could be variation between lots, but the same powder charge fills each case differently.


Well, I’ve decided that I really like the powder in my .30-06 loads. I’m fine with measuring each charge to make sure they are consistent as I’m not loading hundreds of rounds in that specific caliber. However, I will be loading hundreds of .223 rounds, and I’m certainly not weighing each charge. I still want to give it a fair shake in my 223 loads. If I find that these shoot better with Varget, then I’ll have to do some testing with the powder drop on my Dillon to make sure each drop is consistent.

Hopefully Saturday I’ll get to try these out and see how they group……

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3 Responses to Back to the loading bench…..

  1. ASM826 says:

    Varget! Good stuff for .223. Meters fine out of an inexpensive powder thrower, almost impossible to put too much in a case. Very consistent over a chronograph.

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    I LOVE Varget. I invested in an RCBS Chargemaster to throw each charge individually. It’s slower than using the Dillon measure, but the charge weights are accurate to ±0.5 grain.

  3. LM says:

    You may want give IMR 4064 a try. Its a little unconventional for .223, but I’ve been able to produce consistent sub-MOA groups with my 16″ middy and 55gr hornady bullets. As an added bonus, I can buy it in bulk and also use it to get 1/4MOA groups from my 30-06 bolt gun.

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