More healthcare

My grandmother and her husband are both in an assisted living home. They need to be. Their age and medical needs require it. My dad called earlier today because the facility is talking about evicting them because they haven’t been paid since my grandmother and her husband entered their care. There are allegedly 11 other residents in this facility in a similar situation. Either someone pays up, or they need to go.

I don’t fault the facility for wanting their money, why should they do it for free?? They are a business, not a charity. My dad has very patiently tried to work through the system (including using a lawyer) to make sure that Medicare would cover the expenses their care requires. But in day 110+ of a 45 day approval, he’s being met with nothing more that the run around of “It’s not my job” and “it’s in process”.

Yeah, I’m thrilled to death about government run healthcare.

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2 Responses to More healthcare

  1. Zack says:

    Try talking to your congresscritter; I have not done so in a few years but mine was able to get things done on two separate issues. Worth a shot…

  2. .....Dan says:

    I guess the inevitable part will be that, under gov’t managed healthcare, the assisted living home will be under a mandate to keep folks like your grandma and her husband. And while that is good for individuals short term, in the long term it is not sustainable and the places will be forced to go out of business. At that point we will be left with no medical infrastructure in addition to a gov’t that can’t manage it or pay for it.

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