Big planes

Must be my lucky week. This week I’ve been fortunate to see 2 large planes. Some of you are thinking big deal. Sorry, I like the big planes. It’s amazing to me to watch something that large actually fly. Since the demise of TWA, and the cut backs of American Airlines, you don’t see airplanes much larger than a 757, maybe the occasional 767 flying around St. Louis. I love watching those long, slow banking turns where the plane appears to just stop in the sky and the earth continues to move underneath.

Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game is being hosted in St. Louis, and President Obama is attending tonight’s game. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to catch a C-17 on approach to Lambert. I’m presuming it was support aircraft for the President’s visit, but I suppose it could be in St. Louis for other reasons. Boeing does have a plant here in St. Louis.

Normally, it’s not unusual to pass multiple planes before I get out out of St. Louis county, but tonight the sky was empty. I’ve heard that the airspace is cleared when Air Force One is in the area. Then I saw something larger than usual crossing the highway I was traveling from the north, and making the turn into the final approach. Sure enough, it was Air Force One. Traffic slowed as people tried to take a look as it passed, a couple even pulled over.

I don’t care who you are, it is an awesome sight to see these giant symbols of America’s power and might in the sky. Even if I’m not terribly fond of the passenger…..

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