St. Louis Tea Party

Today we ventured down to Washington, Missouri for the July 4th Tea Party.

It was exciting to see a bunch of people who are equally concerned with the direction we’re heading as a country. The fact that we could go to a city, hold a peaceful rally, and not end up in the gallows is significant, and we’d damn well not forget it.


I mainly wanted to hear what Randy McArthur had to say, but he was drowned out by the trains from where I was sitting. Funny though, the significance of the trains carrying coal, and automobile carriers headed to the Chrysler plant up the highway in Fenton was not lost on this crowd.


The group of speakers all spoke passionately about our country and the direction we need to take it.  All with out the aid of a teleprompter.  In fact, I’m not sure I heard a single “er”, “uh”, “ah”, “well”,  or  “burp” through any of the speakers.  Very refreshing!!


The theme of this protest was a little different than the past tea parties as they are focusing on moving from awareness to action.  Dana Loesch spoke at one point about emails she received about the WashMO location being inconvenient.  She launched into a tirade about what true inconvenience is. Girl was on fire! And right too…..  I did feel a bit convicted about my roll in things…  I do write my representatives, but probably not nearly as often as I should.  I’m definitely re-thinking what kind of roll I want to play when the next election come around.  Until then, I’ll try to keep up with rattling their cages via the phone and emails, and bring attention to issues on the blog when I can adequately and intelligently do so…


Only one protester that I saw.  Just a solitary guy standing on the corner with his Obama shirt and a sign that said “Remember FDR” or something along those lines….

I’m glad we made the drive and gambled on the weather.  I’m sure my kids didn’t fully grasp the significance of these rallies, but I’m sure that most adults don’t either.

Click on the photo below to link to the rest of the gallery!

July 4 St. Louis Tea Party
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2 Responses to St. Louis Tea Party

  1. derek nagle says:

    You refer to more pictures of the St. Louis tea party on your website at the linked gallery. I cannot find them. Pls advise. Thx.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Hi Derek. Sorry it’s not more clear. Just click on the picture at the very bottom of the post which says “We want our country back”. This will link you to more photos.

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