Time to call them out….

Here’s a small business who’s had enough and decided to call out their Congressman in a very public way. Also seems that Mr. Carnahan has arranged to have a meeting with the McArthur brothers about their concerns. Hopefully he won’t be sneering at them like he is in his photo on the website.

Good for them. If I can make it down there this weekend, I’ll be buying something to support their business. You know, I think I’d like to see either one of the brothers make a run at Mr. Carnahan’s congressional seat. I’ve never understood political families such as the Carnahan’s. It bothers me even more that we continue to vote these clowns in. Politics should not be a career path. It would be nice to see an upstanding small businessman dethrone some of these families from our political system.

H/T The Dana Show and Allman in the Morning

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3 Responses to Time to call them out….

  1. matthew says:

    Support a well established St. Louis Bakery by buying their delicious product?

    weeeeeeellllllll alright, if eating pastries is a way to fight the hippies I’m in.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Hippies don’t fight….marxists do.

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