What should you do…..

when the temp hits


Go shooting, of course!

Why? Because if you ever need to do it for real, it’s not going to be 65, slightly overcast with a gentle northern breeze.

Not everyone has the benefit of being able to take classes where your instructors may be screaming in your ear while you’re shooting to induce additional stresses on your system, so you just have to get a little creative. Do you know how your gun handles when sweat is dripping off your body making your grip a little less than optimal, or having your vision impeded by sweat dripping down your glasses? You may not encounter this particular scenario, but you will be shooting with additional handicaps and that’s probably a good thing.

Of course you need to be smart about it, especially when dealing with these temps. Don’t be out long, and make sure you are well hydrated.

Just my thought for today.

What do you think????

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3 Responses to What should you do…..

  1. Matthew says:

    Very good points indeed.

    Though I highly suspect the Missus was tired of your grumbling, locked you out of the house and left the shootin’ bag out on the stoop.

    Good meal and good times last night.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Indeed, that is a very plausible scenario!

  3. hahahahaha…. can’t…. stop… laughing at this…. hahahahaha…. I’m happy you went! 🙂 I love you!

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