JP Triggers

I’m about half way through installing a JP trigger into my AR. I was a little intimidated at the idea of going this route because of the fitting that might be required to make the trigger work. After watching the video online and reading through the instructions, I decided that I could make this happen.

So far I’ve had to remove a little material from the trigger pinbosses to get the trigger to slide into the receiver without binding, and then round the back corner to get it to clear the safety. It fits nicely. My setup didn’t require any timing of the disconnector, which was the part I was most unsure of. I did notice that the reset was a bit clunky. A quick email to JP confirmed that there might be a burr that just needed to be worn down. Between lubing the hammer hook and working the hammer into the disconnector, it has smoothed out very nicely.

It started out with a lot of heavy creep, and breaking at about 7 pounds. A quick check shows it pulling at about 4.25 pounds, with a nice crisp break and no perceptible trigger creep. I just have to fit the safety and this trigger job is done.

And I’m extremely pleased with the results. I’m looking forward to trying it out on the range in the next few weeks……

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