Due process

The big news in the area has been about a triple murder that took place in Columbia, IL. A woman, and her two sons were allegedly strangled. The husband happened to be working out at a gym in the morning, couldn’t reach his family, and called police. The police found the family murdered. The Major Case squad called out to assist the Columbia police in an investigation, and naturally the press went wild. Of course, the dad was a suspect, and was arrested last night after a lengthy investigation.

I’m not going to try to claim he’s innocent, nor am I going to claim he’s guilty. I haven’t seen the evidence. If he did it, then fry him. Forget the drugs, hook him up to Old Smokey.

But what bothers me is how people immediately jump to the conclusion that just because he was arrested, he’s guilty and the trial needs to be skipped. The local TV station showed video of people yelling “murderer” at this guy as he was brought to the police station. Here’s the deal, none of us, other than the investigators and the prosectors, have seen the evidence. Clearly there was enough evidence to warrant his arrest, but folks, the process isn’t over. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Period. Last time I checked, that hasn’t changed, even in Illinois.

Let the process work. If he’s innocent, then leave the man alone to grieve the loss of his family. If he’s guilty, then you’re welcome to use the power lines from my house.

I might even find a chair you can use.

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One Response to Due process

  1. Zack says:

    Illinois has had several “iron clad” cases go to trial only to either fall righteously apart during trial or on appeal. If I can find links to the cases I’ll pass them along. Some really shook my faith in our legal system.

    I agree with you, if someone is PROVEN guilty then they should pay dearly. Just make sure the “proof” is sound and not just cops, prosecutors, and the press running amok.

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