Shooty Saturday

I’ve never had so much fun at an IDPA match. We shot from boats, through fountains, off bicycles, skateboard ramps, all around trucks, and over toilets. Even had a suuuper-secret stage.

Today was the start of the Missouri State IDPA Match, It was my first “major” match and in-spite of my brain dropping to my shorts when the buzzer sounded, I think I did ok. I wasn’t the best shooter, and I wasn’t the worst shooter. Stages that should have been easy, I either shot a non-threat, failed to neutralize, or just didn’t shoot the target at all. But the suuuper-secret man eater stage, I did pretty well on. Go figure. I’ll be interested to see the final scores tomorrow.

It was fun working two of the stages and watching other shooters come through and make the same mistakes I did. Tactical sequence on 3 target is 1-1-2-1-1, even when you’re pedaling on a bicycle…… Betcha I won’t forget that again…

I’d like to shoot another “major” match in this year. I see that the Atlanta Conservation Club is hosting a state championship match Oct 31. I may try to make that one as I would be able to lodge for free at my parents house. But we’ll just have to see. We’re hopefully taking a bunch of guys to an Appleseed the weekend before, and that just might be too much.

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2 Responses to Shooty Saturday

  1. HankH says:

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I’ve never done any IDPA stuff (or anything other than target for that matter) and I have a question for you…I have a Glock 21C and want to know if I can use it at an IDPA match. I looked at their rules and it said no pistols that had been modified with compensators; the Glock as you know comes from the company with the porting done. Any idea if it’s legal? Thanks in advance for your answer.\


  2. LeadChucker says:

    Judging from the section “Non-IDPA-Legal Modifications for ALL Divisions”, I would say the “spirit” of the section probably indicates that compensators are not allowed. However, when I read the word “modifications”, I think along the same lines as you, something added or done to the gun that does not come from the factory, and the 21C fits that bill.

    I’ll dig around some more and see what I can find out. Maybe some other reader who has more conclusive information will comment as well.

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