Catching up….

It’s been a long week, but a good one especially in the longer term employment front. Just a couple more signatures to get that in place and I should be good for a little bit. But that being said, contracts were meant to be broken, and I know I can always be gone with the flick of the pen. Just the nature of the job. In the mean time, I’ll just keep showing value and going about my business.

Anyway, I’ve noticed I haven’t really posted anything gun related for a bit. I’ve got a post rumbling around in my head about some loads I worked up using the Sinterfire 42 gr .223 bullets that I purchased from My dad has been interested in these for a few years. Since I’m the reloader, I’m doing the R&D for him.

If you’re not familiar, these bullets are manufactured using powdered copper and tin. The main advantage is that they are lead free. The other is that they are less prone to richocet as they turn to dust when they strike their target. It’s going to be a few months before I can find some place where I can test those properties. My main focus right now is finding a good load. Initially, I was a little underwhelmed with their accuracy, but then again, I’m going to chalk that up as a mark against the shooter and not the bullet. My AR has not seen a lot of shooting, and I need to work out some kinks between me and the gun. I’m going to be looking at the AGI video for the AR hoping to find some good tips for making the stock DPMS trigger a little better, as well as getting some trigger time to be a better shooter with the gun. But I have to say, once you’ve had a good trigger on a pistol or a rifle, you know when your other guns have one that leaves you desiring better.

Anyway, I’m not ignoring the blog, just taking care of business elsewhere. Today we’re off spending time together as a family. Weather is beautiful, and should be a great day!

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