MO HB 668

was passed by the Missouri House of Representatives yesterday.

This bill does the following:

  • Modifies pre-emption by allowing political subdivision to adopt laws which prohibit illegal immigrants from selling, purchasing, transferring, owning, using or possessing firearms, components, or ammunition.
  • Defines private property as any real property, owned or leased.
  • Expands the use of deadly force against a person who unlawfully enters, remains after unlawfully entering, or attempts to unlawfully enter private property owned or leased by the person claiming a justification for using protective force.
  • Lowers the age to acquire a concealed carry permit from 23 to 21
  • Removed the restriction of carrying concealed on college campuses.

There may be more changes, but my brain can only digest so much legalese before it shuts down.

All-in-all, this is a nice change to Missouri’s concealed carry laws. I’d like to see more of the restrictions removed, but gaining some ground is better than not gaining any, or loosing ground.

Hopefully this will make it through the Senate and be signed into law by the Governor.

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