Gun registration

There has been some chatter on the intertubes today regarding a comment by Nancy Pelosi about gun registration as a compromise to the AWB.

First off, registration is not going to accomplish a damned thing. It won’t make any one safer, not one person. Ever. But that’s not really the point to registration is it?

Nope, first we have the GIVE act, next we’ll have gun registration, followed by confiscation (after all you have to know where they are at to come collect them), then summer camp for our kids.

That might be a stretch, but then again, it may not be.

Of course, there will be mandatory registration for new guns at the time of sale. Can you imagine the run on gun stores up to the point at which this law would go into effect? And the day of, it drops to nothing?

But what about all the existing guns? Seriously though, one estimate I read said there may be between 238 million and 276 million guns in America. I’m sure there will be a deadline of some sort. But how many are actually going to register? 50%, 30%? 20%? I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when they don’t get the numbers they hoped for.

I can see it now, these clowns sitting around a table “Uh guys, now what???”

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2 Responses to Gun registration

  1. pops1911 says:

    I think the compromise is easy & the best thing to do – us: repeal all guns laws in the US & remove all liberals from all political offices; them: ban all guns; compromise: repeal all gun laws in the US & remove all liberals from all political offices (we’ll let them breathe for now).

    That was the anti’s philosophy to date, why is it not ours?

  2. owning a gun for self defense makes sense to me, specially nowadays that the world is not safe from terrorism and attacks.

    owning a gun can save your life and protect your family at the time when you needed to.

    we should always take into account gun safety and handling to keep others around us protected and safe.

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