.22LR, the new canary in the coal mine?

For the last several months, some types of ammo have been scarce, .223 in particular. But tonight I walked into my friendly neighborhood Cabela’s. No 9mm, no 45 ACP, no 38 Special. .380? Forget about it. There does seem to be a good bit of .223 back in stock, but the prices are just high. A friend called me this evening and said that his local Walmart didn’t even have any 30-30 ammo, just a smattering of .25 ACP.

But that isn’t what’s bothering me. Usually there is a ton of .22 LR. But tonight, only a few small shelves of Winchester Wildcat 22LR. No bulk Federal, no bulk Remington. Hardly any of .22 hollow points of any kind.

I’m glad I’ve been buying a couple boxes every time it went on sale. I’ve got enough to last a good while, but no where near what I wanted to have on hand.

But dang, you just expect there to always be .22LR.

Jeez, I know guns have been flying off the shelves, and the ranges have been packed, so it follows that ammo sales are going to be high…

I like to think I’m fairly on top of things, but no .22LR just leaves me wondering what the heck I’ve missed, and wondering how bad are things gonna get……

I really hope that one of these days we’ll get to look back and say “Boy we really overreacted didn’t we……” I really really do.

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2 Responses to .22LR, the new canary in the coal mine?

  1. Brigid says:

    I sold a little .22 pistol this week to someone I know from the range. I never shoot it, and $800 of unexpected Vet bills for a hunting dog that came up lame (he’s fine, muscle injury, not a tendon rupture or break) caused the bank account to dwindle a bit.

    I gave him a good price but when I added in a brick of .22 as a thank you for driving all the way out to my place to pick it up, he was very happy.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Ammo is always an appropriate thank you in my book!

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