Good bye old friend…..

You were sold to me by a friend and helped me through the dark days of the 45 flinch. I put you down when the love of the plastic fantastic beckoned me. But you were there when I returned waiting to show me what a real trigger was like. You quickly returned to being a regular training partner.


But the time has come for you to return to where you came and go back to be with family. You will be missed!

But do not despair, the economy has once again been stimulated with money earned rather than money printed, and a hole has been filled.

Welcome to the stable!


You have big shoes to fill……

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2 Responses to Good bye old friend…..

  1. X says:

    He has returned to be amongst old friends after serving his tour in foreign hands to train and equip good men, to fight the flinch. Dutifully having served to save the wallet from suffering from the casualties of high center fire punch and price so practice practice practice could occur.

  2. you two are ridiculous! why don’t you speak so lovingly about your women? 🙂

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