Evening at the range

Spring has finally sprung, it’s Tuesday night and that means that the Dept of Conservation Range is open late. My daughter has been asking to go, and I promised her the first warm day we have, I’d take her.

Along the way she had lots of questions regarding things she’s heard on the radio regarding the things the Obama administration is doing. It amazes me what an eight year old understands, that a President either can’t figure out, or chooses to ignore. She’s heard that Obama doesn’t like guns and she’s afraid she’s not going to be able to shoot. She has asked me on several times what are we going to do if we can’t go shoot. “I like it” she says. Right now I’m just choosing to not answer the question, but instead pushing her to tell me why she thinks a certain way about her position. Some day she’s going to need to be able to debate this with others.

Once at the range we went over the 4 rules, which she nailed. You have to make it interesting for kids to keep their attention, which can be a difficult task at a range which only allows round bullseye targets. However she tossed out a brilliant idea, “let’s have a competition, the prize will be ice cream”. Awesome, I’m in. I had some 6″ Shoot-n-see targets, so she came up with shooting 10 rounds in that and then shooting a 1″ circle which would effectively be the stopper, and it was worth 25 points.

She shot her scoped Marlin 15Y from a rest, and I shot my 10/22 with tech sights while resting my elbows on the bench.

First round at 25 yards:

Daughter: 82-1x

Dad: 96-2X

Very very good given that she hadn’t shot for several months!

But at 15 yards, I just about was beaten!

Daughter: 120-1X !!!

Dad: 123-1X

Damn, will you look at that!! I commented to her that she seemed to shoot better when we were competing and she responded that she was concentrating a lot harder to try to win. Good for her! Folks, this is why competition is good for kids. She’s learning how to bring her A game when it counts, and she was thrilled that she almost beat dad. She earned it herself. I certainly wasn’t going to give it to her. I wish had my camera to capture the look on her face when she realized how close she was to beating me on that round, that was the best part of the whole evening.

Ice cream is waiting for another night when the whole family can join us.

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