New AWB in the works

It’s all over the net about recent comments from Comrade Holder regarding Dear Leader’s intent for a new, permanent assault weapon’s ban. I’m gonna bang the drum too.

First, soo many myths surrounding these so-called assault weapons. I would encourage folks to look at this information from the National Shooting Sports Foundation concerning the myths.

Second, If you don’t own a semi-automatic rifle. Go buy one. Even if it’s a Ruger 10/22. If you don’t own any gun, go buy one. Join the NRA, or GOA, and call or write your Congressman and Senators. Make your voice heard.

Now, I’m already mad as hell about Porkoulous I & II (I’m sure III and IV are on their way), but an AWB would be over the top.

And the kicker of it is, he wants to do it under the guise of helping Mexico out with their little drug war.

Folks, will someone please tell me how the hell disarming America will help Mexico? Since when do drug runners follow the laws? Getting rid of America’s guns will suddenly pull them in line?? If anything, this will make them more brazen in their incursions into America . Was it not Admiral Yamamoto who said that America cannot be invaded because there is a rifle behind every blade of grass?? Imagine if there was no perceived threat…..

If you truly want to stop illegal traffic across the border, set up our National Guard along the border and tell them to shoot to kill any one who attempts to cross that border. If you are not crossing at a legal crossing point, then it must be assumed that you have criminal intent as all other crossing points would be illegal. Problem solved.

And this sure as hell isn’t going to get my barrel and bolt here any faster.

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