Slow posting…..

Been in a bit of a posting slump lately. There has been lots going on since the Lightworker ascended into office, none of which has been particularly encouraging. I could post on it, but it’s all gotten me a bit down. Besides, Firehand over at Irons in the Fire pretty much nailed it here and then again after some provocation, here. I’m not sure what else I can add to that, so I’ll just take the cheap way out and say “Yeah, ditto that”.

My buddy over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World had a good post on the namesake of the USS Cole. Combine that with post from the father of a service man killed on the Cole, and the Porkulous bill, I’d advise keeping your umbrellas handy as there’s gonna be a lot of shit falling from the sky over the next four years.

But in an effort to not be a complete pessimist, I’ve got a couple posts cooking about some great customer service experiences I’ve had as well as a good post from something my kids got to experience this weekend…..

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