New boomstick!

I get to mark the Remington 700 off my list. It’s nothing special, just a good ole’ meat gun.

I didn’t find as good of a deal as the one I missed out on last weekend, but it was $70-$120 cheaper than any of the other stores I looked. I almost didn’t buy it as one of the shops had a Marlin 45/70 lever action (#2 on my list) for a very reasonable price. Maybe next year. This year, I need to focus on finishing my AR, and putting optics on the 700 and maybe an Eotech for the AR.

I’m open to suggestions for a scope as I don’t want to spend a fortune. Just want something that is of decent quality.

Now I need is a place to hunt this fall. Guess I’ll be checking out Missouri’s managed hunts and see if I can get drawn for one of those…..

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