Field lessons…..

I learned a couple things today at the local IDPA match.


Where have you been all my life???? I was given a bunch of these for Christmas this year, but had never tried them before. The temperature was in the mid-teens when I showed up at the range this morning. I popped a couple of these into my gloves, and I was golden. Next time I’m some place that has them, I’ll be picking up some to toss into the cars, just in case.

I never wanted a Glock, but was presented with an opportunity to buy a Glock 19 a couple years ago for cheap, and it quickly became one of my favorite guns. I carry this gun, shoot IDPA with it, took a training class with it. I’ve probably put 2-3 thousand rounds through it and it has never caused me issues. It just runs.

Until today.

Let me tell you, when the trigger on the gun you carry doesn’t make the gun go bang, you can feel the blood run from your face….. Turns out the trigger spring broke which caused the trigger to not reset. A couple of the SO’s who also shoot Glocks were able to pull the gun down, and fix it in about 5 minutes. I was able to finish the match.

I love a gun that can be fixed with nothing more than the correct part and a small punch. In addition to showing me how to take down the trigger group, someone also showed me over lunch how to detail strip the slide. I bought the gun used, and the person who sold me the gun bought it used, so I have no idea how many rounds have been shot out of that gun. This gun will be getting some much deserved TLC this week as I flush all the crap out of the slide. I’m just very thankful that the spring didn’t break in a moment that I needed it most….

I should also add that I used the holster I bought from Gibson Gun Leather at the match today. It still has an angry death grip on the pistol, but it is slowly loosening up and fitting me nicely. A few more matches with it, as well as some practice draws, it will be just fine. Kydex is definitely faster, but I really like the leather. I’m really looking forward to when he starts making them for the Springfield XD with just a bit more forward cant, hint hint…….

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