HR 45

It’s started boy and girls. HR 45, Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 You can also find more info in other parts of the blogosphere.

Time to start calling your Congressmen and women.

Highlights of the bill:

  • It will be “unlawful” to own a firearm without a license.
  • Be required to submit a picture and a thumbprint
  • Provide certification that the firearms are properly stored
  • Pass a written firearms exams which tests a persons knowledge of the safe storage of firearms in the presence of children, safe handling of firearms, risks associated with firearms, legal responsibilities of a firearm owner, and anything else the Attorney General deems fit.
  • A release of any mental health records.
  • It appears to make private sales illegal.
  • Established a Federal Record of Sale system which records make, model, serial number, license of the transferee and name and address of the transferer.

And other fun nuggets.

Go here to find your congressmen and write them.


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