The list

Every gunny has a list of shooting irons they’d like to have to round out their stable of shooters. I’ve finally narrowed mine down, in no particular order:

1) Remington 700 in 30-06
I don’t hunt…..yet. But a 30-06 seems to be a good versatile cartridge to be taking to the woods….

2) Marlin 1895 – 45/70 Govt.
There is something about a lever action that is just cool…..old school. And the fact it slings a big ass heavy bullet doesn’t hurt.

3) Springfield 1911


I’ve owned my share of the fantastic plastic, and don’t get me wrong, other than the HK, I still like and depend on them. But its time to get serious.

And I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t own a 1911, as it was the 1911 that really hooked me.

4) S&W 625

My little 638 has given me the revolver bug. And watching Jerry Miculek blast steel faster than I can with any of my autoloaders makes me want one all the more. I certainly expect that others would follow. Now that concealed carry has been approved in National Parks, I think I would want something a bit more appropriate for awkward social situations involving 2 legged critters, and still have enough power for handle the 4 legged ones as well, perhaps a something in a 44 Mag, or a .357 Mag.

5) Ruger LCP – .380

I’ve really been ambivalent on the .380. I think once Ruger gets their bugs worked out, I’ll be picking one of these up. I jump back and forth between my 638 and G19 for daily carry, but once in a while I just want something a hair thinner and lighter. Slap a Crimson Trace on it, and I think it would be just fine.

I think once I’ve worked through that list, I would really like to start looking for something to collect. Everyone has a type or brand of gun that they get excited about, and it would be fun to figure out what mine is…..

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