Large game hunting with air guns

I ran across this post on a blog maintained by the Missouri Dept of Conservation about a deer being taken with an air gun.

Of course, my brain just about stalled out as I’ve not had breakfast yet, and the only air guns I ever had the pleasure of using were of the Crossman and Sheridan brand. How on earth could this be possible??

Apparently there is a guy here in Missouri who makes large bore air rifles, Quackenbush Air Guns.

Who knew?

If the ballistics are such that you have a very short effective range, it might make a great tool, as the post mentions, for controlling the “urban” deer population (I think suburban is the more correct term for this area). I’m not sure that hunting should be made more “socially acceptable”. I would prefer that those folks in west County grow up, put their big boy and girl pants on and accept that hunting is the best way of controlling a deer population. Of course, if they were so concerned about poor little bambi, they would not have moved out into their McMansion subdivision which had once been suitable deer habitat. And having a deer put down by a hunter is far better than the deer starving due to lack of food, or being hit by a car, which may or may not kill it. But I digress….

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