Income redistribution

From the Carolina Journal Online, Dems are targeting private retirement accounts:

Deep breath. Breath in…… breath out….

This is utter bullshit. Yes, this blog is no longer family friendly, Utter unequivocal bullshit.

I happened to get my statement from the Social Security Administration in the mail today. According to that statement, over the course of my working career, I have paid over $54,000 into that bullshit system that will probably be bankrupt by the time I can get anything out of it, and my employers have paid almost $57,000. I don’t bring up those number to point at myself, and say “look at me look at me” like some starved attention whore, but people don’t take this shit seriously until they see real dollars and cents. I’m a real guy, with a real job, with a real wife, and real kids, with real dreams, with real financial obligations that I have met and will continue to meet regardless of who is offering to bail me out when I grow sick and tired of slaving away at a job when our government continues to just blindly rob people of the wages of their labors. Trust me. I’m there.

And I’ve f*ing had it.

Sadly, thanks to those thieves in Congress who just printed another $700 billion to bail out a whole host of people, citizens, and bankers, and congressional slime with poor financial decision-making skills, the money that has been paid into Social Security by me and my employers now amounts to more than my 401k is worth at this moment in time.

And you want more.

In my neck of the woods , you’d have a bullet in your sorry ass if you broke into my house, to harm me or my family. Tell me how this is any different???

Right now, I’d probably make a burglar a cup of coffee and have a chat with them at the kitchen table, because in my opinion, he’s a far better man than a great majority of that bastards running around in Congress. At least a burglar has the balls to come to my house and steal from me. They can only do it from afar.

Do you really have to wonder why people are buying up more and more guns?

Think Boston Tea Party. I now know how they felt.

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