Busy end of the month

Lots going on at the end of the month.

Today was the club IPDA trophy match. I still haven’t seen scores yet, but man, did I suck. I once heard someone say that you can study a stage all you want, but when the buzzer goes off, your brain falls into your ass. Truer word have never been spoken. I know on one stage I burned probably 10 seconds deciding to make up a shot which required a reload. The miss would have only cost me 2.5 seconds. Oh well. Hats off to the guys that run the match, and designed the stages.

Next weekend, I’m attending the Appleseed shoot in Missouri. So I’ve been loading ammo for the AR, and working out the bugs in my 10/22. I replaced the hammer, and that lightened up the trigger a great deal…. however it would occasionally double-fire. What I don’t know is if it was a true double shot, or if it was a bump-fire. So I put the old hammer back, and ran about 100 rounds through it. Much better.

I really dig the Tech Sights on a 10/22. I was able to put 6 shots inside an 1 1/8″ circle at 25 yards. I didn’t think I was capable of that.


I’ve never had any training with a rifle. It’s just been me figuring things out as I go, so I’m really interested to see if my shooting improves.

Was also looking forward to deer season, but now I’m not sure its going to happen. Just too much going on. Perhaps next year. I’ll have to see if I can get into one of the managed hunts in the area. I still need to finish the hunter education class, instead of messing around with the apprentice licenses. Good idea those licenses, but might just be easier when I have only my schedule to coordinate. Plus all the time I’ve taken off in the last month is starting hurt the wallet.

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