What part of not sharing…..

my pie don’t you get?

So lets put it like this for all of you who still don’t understand.

Lets say for example you live in a small neighborhood where 4 households earn about $100k per year. One house on that block has an income of $50k. Under Obama’s plan, each of the households earning $100k would have to give $10k to the household earning $50k. For no real apparent reason. The $50k household doesn’t have to do anything to receive it.

This is more or less what income redistribution looks like (numbers will most likely vary).

Doesn’t quite seem right does it.

Bet the plumber doesn’t vote for Obama now, do you?

Update: As I think about it, that’s not quite right. What I should have said is that the higher wage earners are taxed more, and that tax revenue is given back to the lower wage earner in the form of social programs.

Either way, the idea just chaps my ass. I’m for assisting those who are truly down and out back on to their feet again. But creating an environment where one would no longer need to strive for a better life because someone else can give them the programs which make their lives better just isn’t the way to go.

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