Now is not the time….

to be playing nice, Senator McCain.

I can appreciate that you want to run an honorable campaign and not get into spreading rumors, and what may be outright lies about Senator Obama. I get that.

And I have to agree with you to a degree. Senator Obama is probably a good family man who cares for his wife and kids. And if Senator Obama and I were to meet on the street, I would not fear that man.

However, I, along with a lot of other Americans are fearful…. gravely fearful of his politics and where he will take this country.

I am fearful for the unborn babies.

I am fearful for our Constitutional rights. Make no mistake, if Senator Obama is elected into office, and even if you get into office, there are many, my self included, who will continue to be outspoken critics of anyone who continues to enact legislation that further erodes what is protected by our Constitution.

I am fearful that my children, and my future grand children will not have a country where they are allowed to fail. The ability to fail, and more importantly, the ability to excel beyond our imagination is what sets this country apart. Those who espouse socialism seek to destroy that which makes our country great.

I could go on.

Senator McCain, you were not my first choice for the candidacy. When you picked Gov. Palin to be your vice president, you showed yourself to be an aggressive player who would do something unconventional to win, and you ignited an enthusiasm for your candidacy which simply did not exist prior to that pick. Our enthusiasm is waning.

When i just a budding teenager, my dad impressed upon me the importance of the people you surround yourself with. Like it or not, you will pick up their ideas and habits, regardless of how independently you carry yourself. As I was studying computer science in college, we learned the concept of “Garbage In, Garbage out”. I firmly believe it applies to people as well. NOW is the time to directly question Obama on his associations with the likes of Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, and the Democratic Socialists of America. It needs to be done by you, to his face, on a camera so that he can answer these questions for the America public.

Senator, now is the time to be unconventional. Now is the time to be aggressive. Your supporters expect you to attack Senator Obama at every turn.

You have one more chance with the next debate. Show us that temper. Bring a plan. Be unconventional. Be in charge. If you lose the debate, you have blown the election.

I don’t care how good of a person you think he is.

Win the fight.

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