Lead Therapy day

My wonderful wife kicked me out for a day of lead therapy, she’s good that way. So instead of making a choice, I did both!

I shot the IDPA qualifier in the morning. I classified as marksmen (MM) in ESP (enhanced service pistol) using my XD-45. This is the 4th time since early 2006 that I’ve shot the qualifier. I expected to have done better (was wanting to make sharpshooter). I’m disappointed in my showing, but on the bright side my scores have improved each time I’ve shot the qualifier. The third stage killed me. It’s clear that I’ve gotten lazy and neglected my distance shooting. I made all my hits, but if I made better and faster hits, I could have gained some time back. At least now I have a goal and know what I need to work on.

I’ve also been working up a new .223 load. I’ve been wanting something a little heavier than the 55 grainers I’ve acquired. I thought I’d give some 69 grain bullets a try. I settled on testing either Sierra Match King, and Nosler (that’s what the store had). Both rounds are 69 grain HPBT.

First up…at Sierra Match King’s 25 yards


And then the Nosler’s at 25 yard.


And here are my best groupings at 100 yards


My shooting performance is not indicative of the quality of either of these bullets.

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