Brass prep

I bought a bunch of .223 brass at the beginning of the summer, but because of the other summer project I haven’t been able to do much with it other than run it through a tumbler and de-prime some of it. Since I’m relatively new to loading rifle rounds I thought it best to do a quick review just to make sure I’m doing things properly.

I stumbled across Carteach0’s blog, and he had a lot of good information on case prep (Part 1, Part 2, and especially Part 3) which helped me out a great deal on some priming issues I was experiencing.

So Carteach0, if you come by this way, Thanks for the great write up!

On a side note, I really don’t like the RCBS swage die. I just find it to be a pain in the rear to use. Do I have a $90 worth of dislike to go try the Dillon swage tool?? I’m not sure since I only paid $8 for the RCBS die….but then again, I do have another 800 rounds to process…..

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One Response to Brass prep

  1. Carteach0 says:

    I did come this way, and you are more than welcome. Thank you for the compliment!

    Oh…. Lyman makes a primer pocket reamer that will take out a crimp in a few twists.

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