Tell your kids

My daughter turned 1, two days after the 9/11 attacks. My son wasn’t even born yet.

I asked at dinner tonight if their teachers talked about 9/11 at school. They hadn’t even brought it up.

Right or wrong, we had purposely not been showing our kids images of that day. We have talked about 9/11, why we are fighting a war, and the fact that the war has been going on long than my son has been.

Tonight that changed. We found an issue of Time magazine that came out just after 9/11, and we showed the kids pictures of the towers. Pictures of the planes crashing and the resulting explosions. Pictures of the crash at the Pentagon. Pictures of the towers falling. The passengers on United 93 who attacked back, even though it meant their certain death. It still makes me want to weep for those people.

I hate that I have to take some of that youthful & blissful ignorance from my kids. But they need to know. They have to know. They have to understand what makes us American. Why it’s important that we send our troops into harms way, and why some of them don’t come back. They need to understand that there is evil in this world, horrible evil, and that you have to fight it. Even when you are tired and weary.

They can never know what that day was like, just like I’ll never know what it was like when Kennedy was assassinated.

The great forgetting may have begun in some places.

Not in my house.

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