Beating the “It’s the gun” mantra

Seems like the number of homicides in St. Louis is tracking to beat out the previous 3 years. Police identified their latest victim, a victim of a home invasion who was taken to the back yard and shot in the chest.

I was just a little surprised to see that Mayor Slay said there are too many guns on the streets and called for better help from the state and the feds.

I honestly thought Slay was smarter than that. I don’t pay much attention to what he does, and honestly thought he was probably a decent mayor. I mean he is the target of a recall petition, so I figured he was doing something right and pissing off a bunch of would-be victims.

Mayor Slay, listen, it’s not the guns that make these thugs evil. Inanimate objects just don’t have that power.

There was one commenter to the above story that has it absolutely right, this is about a culture that has no moral compass. It’s not because of a failing of the law, or the police, or the school’s. It’s a moral failure. Right on “disgruntled one”.

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